Dienstag, 9. Juni 2020

Implicit competition rules on the orienteering map (in german)

Rules must be followed
We lately noticed that not all athletes nor organizers do  know all the implicit competition rules represented on the competition map. I thus assembled a fact-sheet for Swiss orienteering runners to summarize these rules. (rules vary between different Federations and the IOF).

It is a .pdf in german to download

And here are the page-shots.


j.ph.stefanini@gmail.com hat gesagt…

For me since ISOM 2017 the rules are no more in the map specifications but in the IOF rules which define which symbols are forbidden to cross. It was a clear request from the IOF council at the end of the revision of previous ISOM to move the rules aspect away from the map specification.

M.Lerjen hat gesagt…

@j.ph.stefanini: That is correct. The rules were all pooled into the competition rules. Nevertheless content of the map still is representing those rules. Not the symbols forbids you to pass, but the rule linked to the symbol does.