Mittwoch, 26. Juni 2013

Mappers Blog: Super-maps have extra tasks.

At least in Sweden there is a certain tendency to union map projects to one huge map database (f.ex. SoIK Hellas Orientering). The thereby uprising task is to handle the fact, that the so merged supermap is to big to maintain at once. Partly-Revisions must be integrated into the super-map and also  the differing history of different parts (including different authors) of the map must be documented.
It might be helpful to introduce a standardized documentation layer to each map project as sketched in fig.1.
fig.1. Possible map history layer for the Hemfosa-Map. Different parts of the map have seen 0-3 so called "shallow revisions".

Do you have a good example of an "in file documentation"? - I would be interested to see it.

Dienstag, 11. Juni 2013

Läuferlenkung: safety first or trap?

fig.1.8th control NORT Stage 4 Sprint Final

Tue Lassen as Carl Godager Kaas and Frederic Tranchand were disqualified at the final of stage 4 at the Nordic Orienteering Tour for cutting a road passage marked on map and in the terrain (Tue Lassen Blog, Carl Godager Kaas Blog). The decision is maybe according to the rules but there are several points that oppose the decision.
  1. The passage was introduced for safety reasons. The primary goal of the measure is that the athletes cross this street the save way. The organizer has missed his goal, if the measure is not clear enough.
  2. The marking itself was not clear enough (with small traffic cones).
  3. The official was not instructed properly oscillating between guide and referee literally minute by minute (as for ex. Martin Hubmann starting behind Tue was guided).
  4. Changing the marking of the passage as the officials instruction before the following womens final is a self confession of the organizers that their fault was severe. 
They way it turned out now, the competition was neither save nor fair at this point ... but introduced a unnecessary bingo-element instead.

Dienstag, 4. Juni 2013

The point is: Proper compass use.

On both videos you can see a runner adjusting his maps orientation. On video 1 he therefore twists his hand, on video 2 he turns his body.

The runner on video 1 has at this moment not 'solved his problem' which is running to the wrong direction. (This interpretation was arbitrary. The right interpretation is: The first runner runs "after the terrain", the second runs "after compass" resulting in two different types of movement)

Thinking about the relationship of map and compass to the body has some potential I guess. I add a short clip of a follow me video with Thierry Gueorgiou by Vince Poinpoin In this situation it seems like the map and compass are pulling him.

Sonntag, 2. Juni 2013

Brainteaser: What is the point here.

Well. Here comes a little brainteaser: Look at these two videos and figure out what the point is. If you think you got it, comment beneath. If nobody gets it, I will give some hints later.