Dienstag, 29. Januar 2019

Olav is my hero

Olav Lundanes lost his temper after finishing ABOM-long last saturday.

About ten seconds after running into the finish, Gustav Bergman running in some seconds earlier clapped his shoulder to congratulate Olav for his winning. As Olav was frustrated over Bergmans behavior in the forest he overreacted and threw some gravel after Bergman.

The action is documented here

Even though Olavs action was very rude in a manner that he later apologized to Bergman, his frustration is justified and expression of the high standards of orienteering he advocates. So see below his point of view. (src: http://www.orienterare.nu/t/2853/p/1)

Btw. The IOF vision to extinct the map reading from orienteering, we have seen it coming almost 9 years ago.