Montag, 5. November 2018

Swiss Orienteering Team history 1999-2019

I updated the Swiss Orienteering Team history. Now it is 1999-2019. It is published here

fig.1. Simona Aebersold takes big steps nowadays.(src.
Next year we will miss long time A-team runners and mutiple WOC medal winners Judith Wyder and Fabian Hertner after 10. resp.13 seasons in the Senior Elite Team.

Otherwise only one big change: Simona Aebersold takes the big step into the A-Team from the Junior Team directly. Such did not happen the last 20 years.

Promotions: Katrin Müller and Deborah Stadler (Anschlussgruppe->B-Team); Timo Suter (from Junior Team -> B-Team);Marcia Mürner, Sakia Bruchmüller, Silvan Ullman, Andrin Gründler and Andrin Bieri (from Junior Team-> Anschlussgruppe); Eline Gemperle, Lea Widmer, Siana Senn, Hanna Wey, Jonas Soldini, David Zürcher, Manuele Ren, Pascal Schmid (all new Junior-Team members)

Relegations: Thomas Curiger (from U23->B-Team); Sven Hellmüller (from B-Team->Anschlussgruppe).

Drop-outs: Andrea Roggo and Térence Risse from Anschlussgruppe, Hanna Müller from B-Team. Andreas Rüdlinger, Sven Aschwanden, Alain Denzler and Raffael Huber were all part of the temporary EOC contenders Team dissolved after EOC 2018.

This years aspect of the Swiss Team history is the number of actual members over the years. No big changes here actually, aside with the reintroduction of the Anschlussgruppe, the number rised the last two years.

fig.2. Numbers of members of the Swiss National Team 1999-2019

And a second aspect. Which part of the Team remains, while how many drop out or get promoted to the Team.
fig.3. Dynamics inside the Swiss Team.
 With medians of 40 remaining, 9 dropping out and 10 getting promoted, we can roughly say that 20% of the Team gets replaced per year.