Mittwoch, 13. November 2019

Chinese sequel VI - ZhuoYe Li in the B-Final World Cup Switzerland

I asked Devon Yao if he could ask ZhuoYe Li to provide me with his route choices from the B-final World Cup Switzerland. This to get a indication of ZhuoYe's running capacity.  Blue is the first loop, red the second.

I measured the route length (2Dreun/courseplanning tool) -> 4.217m
ZhuoYes running time -> 15.50
ZhuoYes average speed ->3.45 min./km
Top speed -> 3.27 min./km on long leg 15th control (Yannick 3.04min/km)
Looses time (about 6 seconds each)  at 7th control (wrong route) and 13th (tweaking)

Here you can see the Performance index curves from ZhuoYe Li, Gaute Hallan Steiwer and Yannick Michiels on this course. Yannick constantly performs at 103%, Gaute at 95% and ZhuoYe at 87%.

The outcome here is consistent with the assumption made earlier that ZhuoYes competition speed (physical capacity) is averaging at about 3.45 min./km

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