Donnerstag, 29. August 2013

Mappers Blog: Svartvikskogen Setup

Some differences to the Uaul Grond Setup...
1: Base Plate
I left my plexiglas for the air-light "kanalplast" which here in Sweden can be found at every crossing. Then I went down to the A5-format. All in all this got the weight down to 20gramm. I have a hard time now to remember the days I had problems with my left shoulder. :-)

2:Base Map
Well, we are in Sweden which in regard to the laser-data is about three steps in front of Switzerland (Step1: extremly low costs (f.ex. Haninge Municipality: 100CHF for 460km2), Step2: data in the .las format (all responses, no intransparent modifications), Step3: OL-Laser to make the best out of Step2). So now I work with a colored base map, combining the height of the vegetation layer with contour lines every 0.7m (maps equidistance=3.5m), regular mesh, magn.north lines etc.

Inspired by Beni Deppeler i finally managed to paint my pencils with acrylic colors according to the leads color.

After having lost one compass and having nearly lost two more, this compass now is connected to the wristband with a shoestring.

Now I even carry a gps-logger with me, but only for documentation purposes (I-gotU GT120 USB).


Aleš Hejna hat gesagt…

Hi, what does it mean: "To paint my pencils with acrylic colors according to the leads color." - another layer with to paint my pencils with marker pen on top of lead layer?

M.Lerjen hat gesagt…

Hi Aleš, I tried to describe the phenomena right below the number (3).