Freitag, 16. August 2013

Mappers Blog: OKI C321dn and the PrintTech Project Test Sheet

This week I bought a OKI C321dn Color Laser Printer, primarily to be able to pack more information on my base-map for the field notes, but also to have the possibility to print decent orienteering maps for training purposes.
 fig.1 The OKI C321dn and the Test Sheet.

To optimize the printer settings I used  the Test Sheet from the 2006 Map Commission Print Tech Project led by Jukka Liikari (Finland). ->direct links to the Test Sheet (OCAD8) and the Instructions (PDF).

Excellent- the best Colour laser printer i have used. The print quality is fantastic, and a great price aswell. Only took two days delivery, and is very easy to set up.
Jack H, Carlow, Apr 8, 2013

With regard to my pretty high expectations the outcome was sobering. OKIs halftone screen has his harsh limits when it comes to thin lines.

 fig.2 Ring in Puple 50
 fig.3. Shaky point at Green 100
 fig.4. Moiré at 311
fig.5 The brown is particularly weak. It gots thin when vertical and falls apart (yellow) when horizontal.
fig.6. No highlight neither: The Siemens Star with moires in everything but yellow.
fig.7. Bright edges between brown and dark green
fig.8. Finally the map samples: here the worst is the contourlines...
fig.9. ... and here the bright edges.
fig.10. And as a bonus, well blue and blue and blue with brown does not work particularly good.

As soon as I got the color samples from the Swedish Orienteering Federation I will continue with the color adjustments and object size adjustments, just for the fun of it and to optimize the decent 1:10K printing, but well, with my OKI I will never reach the high end.*

*Or did I miss something?


Anonym hat gesagt…

I guess for CHF200 you cannot expect top quality.

I have made good experiences with HP LaserPrinters using ImageRet 3600 technology.

M.Lerjen hat gesagt…

Unfortunately higher prices are no reliable guarantee for better prints. And it seems reviews and awards neither.
Anyway, thanks for the hint. Any other good experiences with Printers to share?

andzs hat gesagt…

Dont use fine screens for halftones in O maps. Try to find in options where you can switch to "error diffusion" method. That makes BIG difference.

M.Lerjen hat gesagt…

That is exactly the reason why I am writing this articles. So thanks, andzs!

M.Lerjen hat gesagt…

Noch ein ganz wichtiger Tipp: Bei Druck auf gestrichenem Pretex sollte immer die kleinstmögliche Druckgeschwindigkeit eingestellt werden, damit der Toner bestmöglich "eingebrannt" wird und damit beim Falten der Karte nicht "abblättert". Dies kann meist durch Vorgabe einer speziellen Papiersorte erreicht werden, beispielsweise mit "dickem Hochglanzpaper". HP Oswald im Solv Forum

coredays hat gesagt…


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