Sonntag, 18. August 2013

Mappers Blog: Color correction of the OKI c321dn for printing maps

fig.1. Color palette provided by the Swedish Orienteering Federation

To correct the printing results of my new color laser printer, I used the "Färgpalett för orienteringskartor" which is printed on the back of Mapping Norm of the Swedish Orienteering Federation (more information about laserprinting o-maps: SOFT -> swedish; OA->englisch) and OCAD-Color palettes provided by the German Orienteering Federation (on the bottom of this page).
fig.2. OCAD-Color palette for 100% brown provided by the German Orienteering Federation.
fig.3. Heap of printed out palettes

Not really surprisingly this correction process disclosed the limited utility of the OKI c321dn for printing quality maps a second time. Espescially the pink and yellow color used for orienteering maps were out of reach.

fig.4. The result of the correction: before (left), reference palette (center), after (right). Most color are pretty good now but yellow and pink.

The last step, the "symbol size correction" has to wait for now.


Martin Peat hat gesagt…

Would you be able to share the colour table from after correcting the colour palette please?

o-zeugs hat gesagt…

This correction is printer & toner specific... I provide it as OCAD8 file.