Montag, 15. Juli 2013

IOF-Divisions after WOC 2013 (Men)

I calculated the divisions for the WOC 2014 as proposed by the IOF foot o commission earlier this year. At the men side this years WOC in Finland brought the following changes:
  1. Ukraine falls into the second division in exchange for Russia stepping up
  2. Slovakia, Australia and Romania drop out of the second division in favor of Spain, Portugal and Germany. So there are only European countries left in the first two divisions.
Here is the ranking

fig.1. Inofficial IOF Divisions for the men after WOC 2013.


Jan Kocbach hat gesagt…

Have you done the calculations for women as well?

M.Lerjen hat gesagt…

Only halfway. Tonight...

Chr. Schneebeli hat gesagt…

Die letzte Spalte verwirrt mich etwas. "Üblicherweise" sind Gewinn-/Verlustränge umgekehrt bezeichnet, d.h. Gewinn = "+", Verlust = "-".
Siehe z.B. hier:

M.Lerjen hat gesagt…

@jan: Robert Krüger, Dresden did it ->Link

@christian: good point!