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Mappers Blog: ISOM2000 from the perspective of the typical succession as result of swedish forestry

Added 27.03.2013: As you can see here, the next ISOM is about to solve my problems with narrow rides as the semi-open terrain.(Page 19 & 20)

fig.1  Stage 2. Rather fresh result of a swedish-style clear-cutting. From the perspective that the map is a piece of graphical communication I would prefer map this as 403, even though there are a small number of trees here.

During my Hemfosa-Project I noticed, that I mainly have to deal with two kinds of forest, which are natural forest (naturskog) and cultivated forest (kulturskog). Where natural forest is mainly "white" or predictable, the cultivated forest leading to complex green patterns is the harder job. Forest in Sweden is mainly cultivated in two forms nowadays: clear-cutting bigger areas and harvester-rides. Earlier  they also cultivated plantation, but this seems not anymore. As these two main-usages are applied for quite a while I saw different stages of a the typical succession from these two forms and put it together from the perspective of the ISOM2000.
There are three points I am reguarly struggling joining swedish forestry with the ISOM2000. See my comments in graph.

fig.2 Typical succesion as a result of swedish forestry

fig.3. Stage 5
fig.4. Less distinct small path?

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