Montag, 7. November 2016

Swiss Team Selections 2017

As Swiss Orienteering got more detailed on the changes in both the National Team as the National Junior Team it is no longer necessary to go into details (just they missed to mention that Florian Schneider changed to the B-Team as he no longer counts as U-23).

But I updated my overview table on the Swiss Team since 1999.

As this years detail I choose the number of years in the B-Team.There Andreas Rüedlinger screens an impressing stamina. He got selected for the tenth season as a member of the B-Team... Note that the average number of seasons for men selected for the team is actually 3 seasons, while the median is as low as 2 seasons.

So here the top ten men:
1. Andreas Rüedlinger 10 ong.
2. Raffael Huber 8
3. Andreas Müller 7
-. Benno Schuler 7
5. Christian Ott 5
-. Dominik Koch 5
6. Christoph Meier 4 ong.
-. Marc Lauenstein 4
-. Andreas Kyburz 4
-. Severin Howald 4
-. Alain Denzler 4

At the women side there is no one in sight to challenge Angela Wilds  leading position, with only Lisa Holer in an ongoing series of 3 seasons. Here the average number of seasons is 3.4 and the median is 3 seasons.

1. Angela Wild 10
2. Franziska Wolleb 7
-. Caroline Cejka 7
4. Ines Brodmann 6
-. Sara Lüscher 6
6. Rahel Friederich 5
-. Bettina Aebi 5
7. Lea Wegmüller 3
-. Lea Müller 3
-. Noemi Cerny 3
-. Sara Würmli 3
-. Judith Wyder 3
-. Lilly Gross 3
-. Sophie Tritschler 3
-. Lisa Holer 3 ong.

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