Mittwoch, 18. Mai 2016

Mappers Blog: Locator- and Basemaps Zürichberg

Here is a glympse on the locator-and basemaps I composed for the coming project, a revision of Zürichberg (fig.1.). As the relief is generally unspectacular, I will not be able to use the micro-contour relief (fig.2-3) as an location-tool. So I hope vegetation height (fig.4) and conifers (fig.5) will do the trick. 
fig.1 The old map from 2008.
fig.2. ... a relief ...
fig.3. ... the contours 1.25m ...
fig.4. ... the clearings ...
fig.5. ... and finally the conifers.

Figures 3-5 are pngs with transparencies, thus can be used combined.

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