Sonntag, 6. Oktober 2013

Mappers Blog: Field notes of Urs Steiner

fig.1. La Givrine 2011. Base Map (1m contours, index contours, vegetation and some details from the aerial image (wall, track)). Field note (naturalistic but blue for 406 and green for 408, no eraser but pencil for the "final line", cross for stones,..). Steiner mapped this map for the WOC 2012 Middle Distance Final. Before the WOC the map was revisioned (fig.2.).
fig.2. Differences between the maps Givrine 2011 and WOC 2012.
The last revision had three main issues: the threshold for undergrowth (407/409) was raised. Some clearances where added or altered (near control points). Top and bottom-features (112 small knoll, 115 small depression) where replaced by equivalent contour-line features.

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