Donnerstag, 19. September 2013

Mappersblog: Must have if you run SM 2013 in Göteborg

If you plan to run the Swedish Championships this weekend you should not forget to wear your new ISOM2000 glasses.
fig.1. ISOM2000 glasses "yellow 50%"

For those who do not own one: The ISOM2000 yellow 50% is optimized to filter yellow 50%/PMS136 from you map. With other words: It is a visual spam filter you might not want to miss these days. I figured out a way to visualize the glasses effect.

fig.2. Without ISOM2000 glasses: yellow "gäggamoja"

 fig.3 With ISOM2000 glasses: white heaven.

So, see you on saturday with you ISOM2000 yellow 50-ties on!

Now am I getting serious

Jag tror faktiskt att man kan lura sig lite på att kartan är så detaljerad, men det går att luta sig åt kurvbilden och verkligen använda den i sin orientering.
Helena Jansson about this map in Skogsport 7/2013

The map actually is part of the training package for the Swedish Championships middle-distance. Figur 3 shows the maps version by Maths and Christer Carlsson from 1999. Figur 2 is the same map after the revision by Carl-Henry Andersson in 2010. If you look closer to the map you can see, that the contours drawing is the same. Colors and symbolization has changed a bit but the main difference is, that CHA added tons of what I call "characterizing details" making it easier to identify "navigational details". At the same time the maps readability took a serious dive, what makes Helena Jansson advising to mentally reconvert the actual map to the original map. ( or GET THOSE GLASSES! ;-)

I don't know. Is this really the direction we want to go? I suspect the whole is related to the new base material we get these days, primarily the laser which makes us see all these details in the forest and even if we explicitly fight to keep the map generalized it is still the laser we start from. So it is like a technical development shows us the way to go, ain't it?

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