Donnerstag, 13. Dezember 2012

IOF und Petitionen

In der jüngsten Ausgabe von inside orienteering dem online newsletter des IOF, erklärt Anna Jacobson, wie Athleten auf die Entwicklung des Orientierungslaufes Einfluss nehmen könnnen.
Firstly it needs to be said that the IOF does not cast around on the internet to find out orienteers’ opinions. If there are things athletes want the IOF to know, they either need to send a letter to the IOF Secretariat – as Lina Strand did – or, even better, communicate through the Athletes’ Commission or their national federation. The Athletes’ Commission’s remit is to work between the athletes on the one hand and the discipline commission in the IOF and the IOF Council on the other. Through the Athletes’ Commission one can influence the process while it is going on. Internet petitions are often published after a decision has already been taken, and by then they cannot therefore influence the decision.
Also, several matters are decided upon at the IOF General Assembly. It is the national federations that vote there.
Besides talking to the national federations, the best way to influence IOF decisions is through Athletes’ Commissions (AC). The IOF has ACs in all four disciplines. The commissions liaise with and provide advice to the IOF Council and the Chairperson of the relevant discipline commission on matters such as rules, event programmes, fairness and other matters relevant to elite international orienteering. “The strongest channel for the athletes to communicate with the IOF is through the Athletes’ Commission”, says IOF’s Sports Director Björn Persson. “This body is linked to the IOF Council and hence gives direct access to the central decision makers.” The Athletes’ Commission for foot orienteering is currently unmanned following the retirement of former chairman Emil Wingstedt and other members. “This situation is very unfortunate”, says Björn Persson. “Our wish is that the athletes themselves select their representatives, and we have asked some leading voices to support this action several times during the past year, unfortunately without results. Now a new approach has to be taken and our intent is that a commission can be up and running very shortly”, Persson concludes.
und zuguterletzt Mikko Salonen Chairman der IOF Foot Orienteering Commission:
“I would like to encourage athletes to activate the Athletes’ Commission’s work again and start direct dialogue that way with the IOF, rather than putting together petitions on the internet.”
Alles klar? Die Entscheidungsstruktur IOF auf der Ebene des nationalen Verbandes habe ich für die Schweiz im Artikel die Schweiz und der IOF (upd.dez.2012) dargestellt.

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